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Founded in August 2017, BrandItForward is a National Branding Company dedicated to raising awareness/money for research of all Foundations and Charities throughout the United States. Founder, Jeannie King, established the company in remembrance of her family’s personal loss. Jeannie’s goddaughter, “Kerri McEachern”, passed away at the age of 24 from an unknown aggressive cancer. The foundation “Kerri’s Crew” helps to raise money each year which is donated to The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Kerri’s memory.

Jeannie's vision is to continue the legacy of lost love ones by raising money and awareness through company marketing dollars. B.I.F. raises these funds through promotional marketing dollars spent by companies, organizations and sponsoring companies that purchase Branded Apparel and or Promotional Products. These are funds the charity/foundation would not otherwise receive when branded items are placed with companies outside of the B.I.F. initiative. The goal is to analyze a companies current marketing costs and return an analysis of how/where BrandItForward can lower costs. In addition to these cost savings B.I.F. will donate a percentage of the sale to a foundation, organization or charity of choice. Donation amounts are documented by a certificate of authenticity displaying the company name, contribution amount and name of the designated charity.

Jeannie and the BrandItForward staff have over 26 years experience in the Promotional Products field serving all types of industries throughout the United States with an unlimited source of Branded Apparel and Promotional Products.

Kerri McEachern
Forever In Our Hearts

Please reach out to us so we can discuss how BrandItForward can best benefit your Brand and or Personal cause.

Email: info@BrandItForward.net
Web Site: www.BrandItForward.net